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Shiny object syndrome

Have you heard of it? It’s a real thing. And I feel it is one of the number one reasons why businesses fail. So my definition of shiny object syndrome is this. Hearing and seeing from other people new or different ways they are running their business, marketing campaigns or making money that causes you […]

Website vs Funnel

This is the most asked question for anyone looking to create a business or marketing system! So here’s the scoop! Talking to the start ups… meaning people with 3 people or less. You just filed your LLC or DBA and you are excited to get the word out and start your business selling your products […]

What is your why?

Another motivator for me to even start this new chapter in my life was my why. My family and flexibility in my schedule to be a mom that works from home. I want to be there when my son come home from school everyday and have that chat with him to hear about his day. […]

Progress or excuses

Clickfunnels Partners Certification is no joke. It is a 12 week course that took me 20 weeks to complete. I remember one week I decided bookkeeping and anything else was more important than working on the certification. When I got stuck I felt overwhelmed and my way of dealing with it was to avoid it… […]

Conference Junkie

My husband and I are conference junkies. We love attending entrepreneur and business conferences. I believe that we are not going to be inspired sitting at our house but we will be inspired by hearing people’s stories and being surrounded by amazing people who are making things happen… I’m so thankful that January 14-16, 2016 […]