Are you struggling each month with cash flow? Is your biggest struggle getting leads?

If so, do you have a funnel ladder with a lower entry-level offer? The blueprint of all businesses should include a funnel ladder. For those who don’t know what a funnel ladder is, here is an example of a funnel ladder I created from what Brendon Burchard shared at an event. He said if I had to start all over again this is what I would do. The funnel ladder image was modeled after how Russell Brunson would draw a funnel ladder.

You should absolutely have your higher-priced services. However, if you are in this for the long haul and you genuinely love and are good at what you do, find a way to systematize it and have the entry-level offers in your funnel ladder that can essentially self run and automate the delivery.

The fastest way to build trust is to give someone the opportunity to take a baby step to work with you. Once they are in the door, show them what you can do and walk them up the stairs to your funnel ladder.

This will solve your cash flow problem.

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