Website vs Funnel

This is the most asked question for anyone looking to create a business or marketing system!

So here’s the scoop!

Talking to the start ups… meaning people with 3 people or less.

You just filed your LLC or DBA and you are excited to get the word out and start your business selling your products or services. If you have 1 or 2 people working the operations of the business I would recommend you first create a funnel that resembles a website but is ultimately still a funnel. I’ll clarify the difference below. And the reason is because since you are new your priority should be getting leads and clients more so than being known.

If you are a more established business which includes a team of at least 4 or more people in operations you should have both: website and funnel. The main reason is that you have the manpower to have someone create content for a blog post regularly for your website to be known as the go to in your industry but you still need a marketing funnel to bring the leads to your company.

Now that we have that established now comes the million dollar question. What is the difference between a website and a marketing funnel?

Here is my analogy. Let’s imagine a girl looking for a boyfriend where she can eventually marry. That is her goal. A website is like having a Facebook and a marketing funnel is like a dating app. You need to understand your objectives to know which one you need. Ex. If you just want to be known and occasionally befriend an old elementary school friend or coworker, Facebook is what you need. If you are serious about dating someone and getting married you go to a dating app where everyone’s intention is to meet someone with that same purpose. (Well at least some dating apps do….haha)

It requires looking around different places, reading little snippets here and there. A marketing funnel is finding a boy on an app. The app tells you directly what they are interested in. What they like and dislike. It’s focused on the boy with the purpose of that boy also finding a girlfriend so he shares specific information geared towards that end goal. There isn’t random photos of food or posts about complaining about something or asking for a recommendation. It can be great random facts about the person but It doesn’t directly apply to someone looking for a boyfriend.

I hope this analogy made sense. I’ve thought about this question a lot and this is my best interpretation.

To summarize, ask yourself is your primary goal to be known or to get leads. From my experience most people needs more than having 100,000 likes or followers. So whether you are big or small a marketing funnel is a must to achieve getting new leads of clients.