Progress or excuses

Clickfunnels Partners Certification is no joke. It is a 12 week course that took me 20 weeks to complete. I remember one week I decided bookkeeping and anything else was more important than working on the certification. When I got stuck I felt overwhelmed and my way of dealing with it was to avoid it…
My husband was hugely supportive offering me lots of time to spend on learning while he cooked dinner or took Aidan out for the afternoon. I also met my friend Cornelia who I set monthly goals with during that time to help me get to that finish line.

Accountability is key. Whether to yourself then write it down, your significant other or a friend. Whoever you will need to report back to at a specific time with “I did it”. When you do it alone 1. You may lose motivation when you hit a roadblock. 2. It is easy to keep pushing back the deadline if you only report to yourself. 3. No matter how cheesy it may sound by having someone cheer you on and affirm you along the way can really make a huge difference in getting to that finish line.

“There are two options: make progress or make excuses.” I made the choice that I wasn’t going to make excuses anymore.