Shiny object syndrome

Have you heard of it? It’s a real thing. And I feel it is one of the number one reasons why businesses fail.

So my definition of shiny object syndrome is this. Hearing and seeing from other people new or different ways they are running their business, marketing campaigns or making money that causes you to stop the path you are going on to explore the new or more exciting.

My definition of shiny object syndrome is where a kid is playing with their favorite toy but they go on a playdate and every other toy that other kids are playing seem more exciting and interesting than yours.

As it kid it’s ok to see and explore the new toys but as a business owner it will kill momentum and focus for yourself and your team.

As a director of marketing for a marketing agency I see the inner workings of successful businesses. And the few things they have in common is this.

  1. Have a blueprint for each marketing plan and don’t start anything new until you execute the plan and optimize it until it converts!
  2. Follow my 12 step marketing campaign must dos. If you want a copy click below and I’ll email it to you for free.
  3. Identify and only do the parts you are good at and things that fuel you and delegate the other parts. If you are not sure what that is we have an assessment called the Birkman that will tell exactly what it is so you don’t have to guess or mistakenly do something you are good at it but it doesn’t fuel you. Which can set you back in time and motivation to push the campaign through. If you are interested in hearing more about the assessment click this link to schedule a discovery call today.

So whether you are doing Facebook Ads, YouTube ads, LinkedIn Ads, content on all the different social media platforms, have 5 different offers or packages you can offer, webinars, live events, chat bot etc there is a lot and shiny object syndrome can easily kick in but I encourage you to follow the steps above and you will see a difference in your business with having more clarity and focus.