10 Min Change in Your Morning to Avoid a Bad Day and Have a Good Day!

Make this 10 Mins Change To Dramatically Change Your Day! Add 10 Mins to Ensure a Good Day!

Me: Aidan, Let’s Go! You’re going to be late for school! HURRY! Put your shoes on!

Aidan: Mom, look my shoes don’t fit (as he is wearing dad’s shoes)

Me: (Looking at the clock It’s 8am and school starts at 8:10) Aidan we’re going to be tardy. We don’t have time just PUT ON YOUR SHOES! How many times do I have it say it?

Aidan: (tears start to roll down his face and yells) I’m TRYING!

This is how we started most of our days… The transition to daycare to kindergarten was hard. Having a set time to arrive, a set time to get picked up. My plan was to be driving by 8am so he can get to school by 8:10. Let’s just say we have had a lot is tardies this school year. Not proud but I’m doing the best I can.

But one day we were early, he woke up in a great mood and did his morning routine cheerfully. And we left at 7:50am and he was dropped off by 8am. The crazy part is that there is less traffic being 10 mins early AND I wasn’t stressed out. I suddenly had an ah ha moment. If I plan to leave at 7:50 I am giving us the space for Aidan to be a jokester and without the time pressures I don’t have to be stressed out.

After this mental shift of making it a goal to be at school by 8am, I’m now never late! And best of all we get to have great uplifting conversations like today.

Me: Aidan, what are you thankful for today?

Aidan: I’m thankful for Pokemon.

Me: That’s great! So who are you thankful for?

Aidan: I’m thankful for you!

Me: (feeling warm inside with a big smile on my face)

That is the start of my morning today. I wished him a good day and he is off to learn something new at kindergarten and I went back home to take a shower and start my day of appointments.

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