What is your why?

Another motivator for me to even start this new chapter in my life was my why. My family and flexibility in my schedule to be a mom that works from home. I want to be there when my son come home from school everyday and have that chat with him to hear about his day. I want to take him to school and chat with his teacher…
I want the best of both worlds where I work full time but I get to decide the hours I work so I can also be a full time mom.

I used to work in Newport Beach while living in North Orange County. My commute was about 30 miles but if you know Southern California traffic you know that it took me 45 mins- 1 hour one way just to get to work. So my 8-5 work day would really be 7-6 if you include the driving time. Being married with no kids I was ok with his schedule. My husband was coming around the same time as I was. His commute was to Beverly Hills but I KNEW it would have to change before we had kids.

I was not ok with having such little interactions with my kids. Jumping into the world of entrepreneur is scary but if it is driven by your why you just in 100% at that point there is no turning back. When both you and your husband are entrepreneurs and your ability to make the mortgage payment is depended on hustling you start to learn very quickly how hard you can work. Money will motivate you to a certain level but it is your Why that will take you to the finish line.